Lie down concert in a religious space?


A lie down piano concert gives a chance to experience the religious space in a slow way. Lying down and listening, people discover the soul of the place from a different perspective.

A lie down piano concert is a connecting musical moment. On a mat, under a blanket or in a sleeping bag, visitors experience space in a new way. For an hour they rest, look, think or dream away. Music triggers new ideas in a very accessible way, offers tranquility, lets people enjoy themselves. The music is played on an acoustic piano or on a rhodes piano depending on the space.

While traveling, people sometimes need to slow down. A lie down piano concert can also be a deepening moment to think about something. Lying on a mat facing the ceiling, one can reflect on a particular question or insertion given in advance. Not only the perspective of the space changes – literally – thoughts change as well.

How it works

The concert: Only own work will be played during the concert. A brief explanation will be given beforehand about the concept, the duration, … so that people know where they stand and feel at ease.

Piano: If an acoustic piano is available, we are very happy to use it. The concert can be performed perfectly on it. If there is no piano in the room, we can have one installed.

Comfort: Mats are laid out for participants and blankets are provided, but you may also ask people to bring their own mat, blanket, towel or sleeping bag.

Light: To make a lie down concert a unique experience, light is very important. The evening is a very good moment. Not only are people more in the mood for it, it also gives the opportunity to illuminate the space appropriately, enhancing the atmosphere.

Duration: the concert lasts about 60 to 75 minutes. Uninterrupted.

Price: €25pp with a minimum of 50 people. (incl. rent piano, rent location, concert, light, mats and blankets)

Another 7 reasons for booking this must-do…

    1. Because a lie down concert is soothing. The music inspires and relaxes. Lying on a mat people experience the space in a different way. It takes the visit to a religious space to a deeper dimension.
    2. Because our society yearns for moments of rest. For initiatives that strengthen our mental well-being, that offer space to come to ourselves. Yoga, pilates, pottery, healing environments, slow coffee,…: these are just some of the answers that try to offer an answer to the same demand for stillness and slowing down. A lie down concert fits perfectly into this trend.
    3. Because neoclassical piano music is very accessible and yet tells its own story. The music is its own composition and completely different from some correctly played classical works. It is a one-hour cinematic piano story with a beginning, end and conclusion, in which all emotions pass, in which moments of calm and challenge alternate.
    4. Because the concept is suitable for all ages, from baby to elderly. Because grandchild and grandparent, brother and sister, friend and girlfriend, colleagues can experience this together.
    5. Because a lie down concert takes people’s creativity and imagination to another level.
    6. Because visitors meet each other in a different way. Each experiences it in his or her own way and yet they also experience it together. Without words, in thought.
    7. Because there are no front and back rows at a recumbent concert. Because there are no rows and pre-designated seating. Because hierarchy falls away and each is free to choose where he or she feels best in the space, sheltered to the side or in the vulnerable middle.

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